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Using Temperature Therapies for Everyday Pains

Everyone experiences physical pain at some point in their life. Whether it's a momentary twinge from banging your elbow or an ongoing cramp when you have a stomachache, pain isn't pleasant. If you're looking for a medication-free way to manage pain, you may want to try temperature therapies. Reusable cold packs and heat packs can prove useful in lots of settings. Here's how.

Managing Injuries

Twists and sprains can arise for a number of reasons. If you're into sports or working out, there's always a risk that you'll move a joint in the wrong direction and encounter an injury. Even everyday activities aren't immune from muscular pains. One of the chief causes of your pain is inflammation. By using a cold pack, you can slightly narrow the blood vessels that feed the inflammatory process and reduce the amount of inflammation present. This then reduces pressure on your pain nerves. Additionally, the numbing effect of the cold contributes to your pain relief.

Soothing Cramps

Whether it's a gastrointestinal complaint or menstrual pains, cramps often respond well to reusable heat packs. When you apply heat to your stomach muscles, it relaxes them and reduces some of the pressure on the painful area. Heat also encourages your digestive tract to move. With more movement, you can soothe the pains of constipation and potentially IBS. Make sure the heat pack is at a comfortable temperature before placing it on your stomach.

Tackling Backache

Whether you use cold or hot packs for your backache should depend on the cause. For example, if you're aware that you strained your back due to an injury, cold packs can reduce the inflammation there and provide some relief. But if you're a chronic back pain sufferer or it's occurring due to arthritis, you may need hot therapies to help relax your muscles. If you're feeling unsure, speak to a physiotherapist or doctor for advice.

Managing Stiffness

After a certain point, joint stiffness can leave you feeling uncomfortable. In some cases, it can feel painful or may result in injuries that cause pain. If you want to manage your joint stiffness, try using a heat pack to increase your mobility. Using your heat pack ahead of a physiotherapy session can make it easier for you to engage with your treatment. However, you should always seek advice from your physio first.

Finally, by trying reusable packs, you're staying kind to the environment while also giving your body the care it deserves.

For more information on reusable cold packs and heat packs, contact a professional near you.

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