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3 Times You Should Book an Appointment With Your GP

Visiting the doctor isn't always the most enjoyable experience. However, it is something that everyone needs to do now and again. Many people will put off booking an appointment to see their GP until they are in so much discomfort and pain that they have no other option. However, it is always best to see your GP as soon as you can if you feel unwell. Below is a list of 3 occasions when you should immediately book an appointment at your local health clinic.


Everyone gets tired from time to time. However, if you are constantly feeling tired, even when you have had a rest, you should go and see your GP. Tiredness and fatigue can be caused by a range of conditions. It may be that you need to simply make some lifestyle changes and take steps to improve your sleep. However, there is the chance that the cause of your tiredness is more serious. Your GP will carry out an assessment of your general health, and they will take a blood sample. If this blood sample shows that you have an iron deficiency, your GP may prescribe iron tablets. If your blood and general health appear normal, your GP may refer you to the local hospital for further tests.

Changes in Vision

If you experience any changes to your vision, such as difficulty seeing objects or faces, or visual disturbances which continue when you close your eyes, you should visit your GP. Your doctor will ask you to describe the issue you are experiencing, the frequency of its occurrence and if there is anything which seems to trigger the changes in vision. The doctor will may then refer you to an optometrist who will carry out an eye test. If your GP suspects that the problem may be neurological, they will refer you to the neurology department of your local hospital so they can scan your brain and offer further treatment.

Low Mood

Many people have a persistent low mood but do not recognise the symptoms of the condition. If you have been feeling low, avoiding social contact or sleeping more or less than is usual, you may be depressed. Depression affects people of all ages and backgrounds. Your GP will be able to offer you access to therapy, anti-depressant medication and other mental health services as needed.

Visit your GP today for further information and advice.

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