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4 Ways To Deal With Lower Back Pain

Are you aware that lower back pain affects more than eighty percent of people at some point in their lives? Back muscles, like other muscles in your body, are prone to injury and can be a source of excruciating pain. For sufferers of lower back pain, some doctors are quick to recommend a drug regimen while others may even suggest surgery. However, do you know that there are other ways to deal with this pain? The following are alternative ways of dealing with lower back pain.

Exercise More

Exercise might seem impossible when you are suffering excruciating pain in your lower back. However, appropriate exercise can help you cope with the pain. The right type of exercise regime will target the muscles in your back while strengthening them. One recommended type of exercise is  Swimming. Yoga and Pilates are other excellent sources of lower back pain relief. These two forms of  exercise are less strenuous than swimming but  can be as effective in dealing with back pain.

Posture improvement can improve lower back pain.  Proper body alignment means less pressure and stress on your back. Aligning your back to the rest of the body will ease the pressure and reduce lower back pain.

Apply Heat and Cold

Heat and cold is another natural and effective lower back pain treatment. This involves placing an electric heating pad on its highest and lowest setting for fifteen to twenty minutes each time. If you fail to experience relief from this heat treatment, alternate the heating pad with an ice pack. This alternation between heat and cold reduces back pain, leaving you confident enough to perform daily tasks.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care and physical therapy constitute two quite popular avenues to deal with lower back pain. Studies recorded in Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reveal that participating in chiropractic sessions three or four times a week leads to positive benefits lasting a year. According to research, spinal manipulation creates responses in the nervous systems that relieve pain while restoring normal mobility around injured areas. 


Owing to our way of life that necessitates many hours of work while sitting and a limited amount of time available for exercise, Lower back pain is almost inevitable. However, there are things you can do to protect your back. For example use of appropriate chairs and adopting a good sitting posture can significantly reduce your chances of suffering a back problem.

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