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Safety Tips to Minimise Your Vulnerability to Skin Cancer

As temperatures are on the rise globally, there has been an increased concern about skin cancer, especially in Australia, where the weather is favourable for a majority of the year, which translates in people spending more time outdoors in direct exposure to the sun. Since avoiding the sun is not a viable technique to protect yourself from the potential risk of skin cancer, it is crucial for individuals to know how best to shield themselves when they are outdoors. In addition to this, it should also be noted that early detection of any abnormalities could go a long way in preventing cancer from developing into a life-threatening illness. Below are simple safety tips that can help minimise your vulnerability to skin cancer.

Tip 1: Stay clear of tanning beds

A pervasive misconception that people have about tanning beds is that they are significantly better than laying out in the direct sun. In truth, although tanning beds may not emit the same degree of ultraviolet radiation as the sun, they still do expose your skin to these UV rays. Routine tanning via tanning beds will eventually just put you at the same risk of skin damage as somebody who chooses to lie out on the beach or their backyard to work on their tan. Take note that tanning beds not only increase your risk of skin cancer; the cumulative damage that your skin develops over time can also manifest in other symptoms such as excessive wrinkling, sagging skin, the development of brown spots and so on. If you are striving to maintain your youthful appearance and health, it is recommended to stay clear of tanning beds altogether.

Tip 2: Put on protective garments

For most people, summertime translates into exposing as much skin as possible. And considering how high the temperatures can get, it is not surprising that individuals will be looking for relief from the sweltering heat in any way possible. However, the less clothing you have, the higher the exposure to direct ultraviolet radiation. Even with sunscreen, it is still advisable to have some protective garments that will act as a barrier between the sun rays and your skin. Loose, long-sleeved, cotton-based clothes are especially ideal, as they will allow for ventilation while still keeping you protected. Another bonus tip is purchasing sunglasses that come with UV protection, as these will limit your risk for the development of eye cataracts.

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