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Could Remedial Massage Techniques Help You Take Control of Your Migraines?

Migraines are often misunderstood by people who have never had one. Those who don't know better frequently fail to realise they're more than just a headache and have no idea how debilitating they can be.

For people who do get migraines, however, the extent of their impact is all too familiar. Visual disturbance, nausea and dizziness are just some of the symptoms you might experience, with migraines often making it difficult to carry on with normal activities.

Treating migraines is difficult, usually requiring a combination of medication, diet and lifestyle changes and understanding your personal symptoms and triggers. Even when you're doing all of these things, it's not always a certainty that you'll get your migraines under control. Adding some remedial massage into the mix can really help, and here's how.

Dealing with tense muscles

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders can contribute to migraine pain, and it may even be responsible for increasing your likelihood of an attack. Massage is the best way to reduce this tension, helping you to relax your muscles in the areas that matter most.

By having regular massage sessions, you can keep muscular tension at bay, which goes a long way to controlling your migraines. Remedial massage can be used to concentrate on the neck and shoulders, which are most likely to lead to migraines when they're tense.

Reducing stress levels

Stress is one of the most common migraine triggers, and it's a difficult one to control. There are plenty of things you can try, but not all of them work for everyone. Massage, however, has an excellent track record of keeping people feeling calm.

Keeping up with massage sessions will help you keep your stress levels lower, and it also reduces associated stress symptoms like muscular aches and stiffness, which can also contribute to migraines.

Improving your sleep

Not getting enough sleep is another classic trigger for migraines. For many people, it's not as simple as going to bed earlier; if you struggle to get to sleep, you're likely to be deprived.

People who have regular massage sessions frequently report getting better sleep, which means it's just one more way it will help reduce the occurrence of migraines.

Increasing your circulation

Poor circulation has been linked to migraines, and improving it can not only reduce the frequency of attacks—it may also make them less severe and shorten how long they last.

Massage is a great way to improve your circulation, particularly with a remedial massage expert who can use techniques to achieve this specific aim.

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