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Personal Care and Dogs: How Hiring a Personal Carer Can Benefit You and Your Dog

Are age-related conditions preventing you from providing adequate care for your dog? Are feeding and walking times now more difficult than ever? If yes, then you will likely benefit from hiring a personal care assistant to provide you — and your dog — with the care you need.

Despite their title, personal carers can assist you in many ways, not just in ways that concern you and your health. So, if you are worried that your condition is negatively affecting your dog, a personal care assistant might be exactly what you need.

 A Walk in the Park

If you are less mobile than before, you may not be able to walk your dog as much as you would like. This could affect your dog in a number of ways. Firstly, some dog breeds become agitated when they are cooped up at home. They become bored and may begin to rebel, chewing items they shouldn't and being less than obedient.

Dogs don't like change. Too much change can cause them to become depressed. A personal carer can take over the responsibility of walking your dog. This will ensure that your dog's routine remains as it should, something that is very important to dogs.

Grooming, Petting and Playing

As well as walks, dogs need other forms of stimulation while at home. As is the case with humans, dogs become distressed when deprived of attention and mental stimulation. For instance, if you are bedridden due to a medical condition, your dog may not be eating or sleeping properly due to depression. A personal care assistant can help with this too.

With a personal care assistant's help, you can ensure your dog is groomed, eats well and has the opportunity for a little mental stimulation. You may not be in a position to do it yourself, but you can still direct your personal carer.

Medications and Dog Health

If your dog suffers from health issues, such as skin disorders, arthritis or other age-related ailments, you'll need someone to administer their medication. If mobility issues prevent you from doing it yourself, for example, a personal carer can apply skin creams or mix medication in with your dog's food.

Your dog may also need to visit the veterinarian sometimes. This can be done by a personal carer too if you are unable to accompany them.

A personal care assistant can provide you and your dog with the care you both need during your rehabilitation. Seek out a home care provider like Simply Helping in your area if your condition prevents you from caring for your dog.

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