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Counseling Options for Anxiety Treatment

The misconception, when you have anxiety, is that the only treatment options are medication based. The truth is, there are many other forms of treatment for anxiety. Some of these forms are natural and some come in the form of routine counselling. Here are three of the anxiety treatment options available to you in the form of counselling. These treatments are available through your local counselling clinics and independent counsellor services.

Stress Management

One of the leading counselling methods to help with anxiety is stress management. This can be done in a number of ways, including the counsellor helping you learn breathing techniques and grounding techniques to help you reduce the anxiety attack and calm yourself no matter what situation you are in. This is taught over time and is practised over several sessions. The counsellor may also have you start to reduce unnecessary stress and tasks from your day that may be triggering the anxiety attacks or events leading up to the attacks.

Group Therapy

If you have had a traumatic experience, such as a tragic death or illness, that has triggered your anxiety, then group therapy may be an option. Your counsellor may find this suitable if there are others that can form a support group to help you with your issues. This type of therapy is usually held on a routine basis one or more times a week. It is also held alongside other forms of therapy such as stress management and relaxation therapy options.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you are having physical symptoms with your anxiety, such as shaking or sweating, then you may need cognitive behavioural therapy. This type of therapy has you notice and possibly journal the physical symptoms you are having with your anxiety attacks. The behavioural therapy is a form of counselling designed to help you rework your brain and thoughts to think differently when an anxiety attack happens. This can take some time and may be used along with other counselling and therapy options. It may also work alongside medications and other treatments that help reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

These are just a few of the counselling options for anxiety treatment. If you aren't sure which option may be best for your particular situation, contact your general practitioner. They can refer to options that are most suited for your specific needs. Once you have the referral, you can request an initial appointment to begin your counselling services.

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