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Why Your Medical Emergencies Should Be Handled By An After-Hours Doctor

Getting sick or injured is not something that you schedule. Thus, when it happens, it can be incredibly inconveniencing, more so if you have to organise a doctor's appointment during your workday and you have no free time. Not to mention that if your family GP has specific office hours and you need to see a medical professional out of these hours, then you have to compromise and visit a different doctor. Fortunately, having to make your way to the doctor's office is no longer mandatory. You now have the option of exclusively seeing an after-hours doctor who will prioritise your needs and make their way to your home. If you have never thought of switching to this type of health professional, here are a couple of convincing reasons why your medical emergencies should be handled by an after-hours doctor.

Enjoy cost savings

A typical reason why some people tend to be sceptical about enlisting the services of an after-hours doctor is that they assume their services will be exorbitantly priced when compared to simply making their way to the doctor's office. What may surprise you, though, is that choosing an after-hours GP over going to a doctor's premises will be more affordable for you in the long run! For starters, you will save on transport costs. Rather than fuel your car, you get to enjoy the convenience of the doctor coming to your home. Moreover, if you or a loved one is in a critical state that necessitates ambulatory services to get to the hospital, you can be assured that this will be costlier than hiring an after-hours doctor. Secondly, you also get to save money since you will not be taking time off work. This is especially true for individuals that are paid for their time. Rather than miss work and subsequently money, you can easily have the doctor see you when you are off the clock.

No scheduling conflicts

The second massive benefit of having an after-hours doctor on call for you rather than a regular GP is the elimination of scheduling conflicts. With an after-hours doctor, you do not have to worry about public holidays being exempt from their services, since they offer their care almost all year round, excluding their days off. Moreover, they will inform you of any days that they may not be available. Furthermore, an after-hours doctor will see you irrespective of the time, day or night! Thus, rather than having to schedule your medical appointment during working hours, you have the convenience of the doctor coming to see you when it is convenient for your schedule.

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