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Top Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

A 2017-18 national health survey commissioned by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that about two-thirds of the Australian population is obese. Therefore, some people resort to extreme weight loss techniques to lose the extra weight fast. Unfortunately, extreme weight loss techniques have two significant drawbacks -- distended stomach muscles and excess skin. A tummy tuck is a corrective procedure that is recommended to persons that have undergone rapid weight loss. Although a tummy tuck is widely considered a cosmetic procedure, it has medical benefits as well.

Prevent Ventral Hernia -- Losing weight fast with minimal exercise does not give your stomach muscles enough time to tighten. Therefore, it is easy for the intestines and other abdominal tissues to break through the stomach wall. As the protruding sections of intestine fill, the tear on the stomach wall grows, thereby putting the patient at risk of infection. Since ventral hernias can be very uncomfortable and painful, the best approach is to prevent the condition from occurring. The only way to achieve positive results is to undergo a tummy tuck procedure immediately after extreme weight loss. The procedure will tighten the stomach muscles, consequently reducing the chances of intestines breaking through the stomach wall.

Alleviate Back Pain -- The stomach muscles play a vital role in keeping the lumbar region of your back stable when sitting or standing. Therefore, weakened stomach muscles resulting from rapid weight loss might compromise the stability of your lower back. It explains why most people that have undergone extreme weight loss procedures complain about lower back pain. Through a tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgeon can remove excess fat and skin from your belly and tighten weakened tummy muscles. It goes a long way in providing your lower back with adequate support, thereby keeping back pains at bay. That said, keeping your tummy muscles tight after a tummy tuck procedure is critical, and exercise is one way to do that.

Improve Posture -- As mentioned earlier, weak abdominal muscles lead to back pains, and this forces someone to assume awkward sitting and standing positions to alleviate the pain. However, it affects body posture over time, thereby making you susceptible to both muscular and joint injuries. While exercise is considered the best posture improvement strategy, muscle imbalance on your stomach and back might affect exercise posture. A tummy tuck procedure corrects this imbalance, thereby improving your posture during exercise and normal day-to-day activities. Notably, improved posture is both a medical and a cosmetic benefit of tummy tuck procedures.

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