How Is Your Health?

Personal Care and Dogs: How Hiring a Personal Carer Can Benefit You and Your Dog

Are age-related conditions preventing you from providing adequate care for your dog? Are feeding and walking times now more difficult than ever? If yes, then you will likely benefit from hiring a personal care assistant to provide you — and your dog — with the care you need. Despite their title, personal carers can assist you in many ways, not just in ways that concern you and your health. So, if you are worried that your condition is negatively affecting your dog, a personal care assistant might be exactly what you need. Read More 

An Overview of Rotator Cuff Tears

The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in your body. It can comfortably rotate through two hundred and seventy degrees or more, depending on your level of physical fitness. Certainly, your shoulder needs this level of flexibility to perform all its functions effectively. The rotator cuff provides the flexibility needed using its four muscles that link the shoulder blade to the upper section of the arm. These four muscles, along with tendons, work together to strengthen and stabilise the shoulder joint. Read More 

Why Doesn’t Your Child Want to Wear Their Hearing Aids?

If your child has a hearing problem and has been waiting for hearing aids, then you'll have expected them to be happy to get them. While your child may have eagerly anticipated being able to hear more clearly, the reality of aids may not be what they expected. Rather than happily wearing their hearing aids, your child may be unhappy with them. What's the problem, and what can you do about it? Read More 

Important Ways to Preserve Your Back Health

Lower back pain may come from many sources, but the most common reason is an injury during work – lifting/carrying heavy loads or not taking good care of yourself after childbirth. The lower back consists of muscle, bone and connective and nerve tissues, all of which are made to withstand a limited physical load. When any of these are damaged, a lot of pain can result, and this can carry on for the rest of one's life, getting worse in old age because of natural bone deterioration. Read More 

Signs That You Should Check in with Your Optometrist

Being the most common type of eye and vision specialists, optometrists, ophthalmic opticians, or simply eye doctors, should be the first person you call if you have a problem with your eyes. However, with some eye and vision problems only showing symptoms seemingly unrelated to your vision, it can sometimes be hard to know when exactly you should pester your local optometrist for a quick unscheduled visit. So, what are some signs that you should be concerned, and maybe stop procrastination you next eye check? Read More 

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