How Is Your Health?

Gynaecologist: Why It’s Advisable to Go for a Gynaecological Exam Each Year

Reproductive health is one of the most overlooked parts of the overall health discourse. However, with the massive increase in the prevalence of reproductive health issues such as cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and others, it is advisable to take your reproductive health very seriously. Ideally, it's advisable to visit a gynaecologist at least once a year. These reproductive health professionals will help you in the following ways. You Learn More About Reproductive Health Stages Read More 

Top Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Procedure

A 2017-18 national health survey commissioned by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that about two-thirds of the Australian population is obese. Therefore, some people resort to extreme weight loss techniques to lose the extra weight fast. Unfortunately, extreme weight loss techniques have two significant drawbacks -- distended stomach muscles and excess skin. A tummy tuck is a corrective procedure that is recommended to persons that have undergone rapid weight loss. Read More 

Top Tips When Choosing a Retirement Village

Retirement villages allow senior citizens to enjoy independent living among other seniors. Most people have a hard time choosing a retirement village. Read the extract below to learn the various considerations you should make when choosing a retirement village.  The Wait List Some retirement villages have a long waitlist. As such, you may have to wait a few years before they accept your application. The best way to circumvent this situation is by submitting your request a few years before your retirement. Read More 

Diabetic Foot Care: 3 Signs You Need to See Your Podiatrist

If you're diabetic, then your doctor is likely to have told you to see a podiatrist for a regular foot check. Diabetes often affects the feet, so your doctor will want them assessed to a set schedule. For example, you may be told to see a podiatrist every year or every few months, depending on risk factors and the current condition of your feet. While regular checks are vital, you also need to keep an eye on your feet in-between appointments. Read More 

Counseling Options for Anxiety Treatment

The misconception, when you have anxiety, is that the only treatment options are medication based. The truth is, there are many other forms of treatment for anxiety. Some of these forms are natural and some come in the form of routine counselling. Here are three of the anxiety treatment options available to you in the form of counselling. These treatments are available through your local counselling clinics and independent counsellor services. Read More 

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